Best Paintball Guns grenades, it is time to talk about how to use one. You have to get within throwing distance of your opponent and always remember that a situation where you have several goals inside a construction is the best possible means to use a Best Paintball Guns grenade. Whenever you've decided to utilize the grenade, you have to pull out the pin without letting go of it. The grenade must be pitched so that it will land as near as possible to your competitors. You need to keep your Best Paintball Guns ready just in case your competitors will try to bolt away from the grenade - that could be a very good opportunity to label them using a fast shot. Taking under account that Best Paintball Guns grenades are costly, we advise you to use them wisely, preferably in an enclosed place for getting maximum efficiency. Always wear eye protection if around Best Paintball Guns and grenades. Remember to always have fun, since this is the whole idea behind this recreational game, to have a